***Welcome to the Buddhist Center of Dallas, Dallas, TX, USA ***ยินดีต้อนรับเข้าสู่เวปไซต์วัดพุทธดัลลัส เท็กซัส ประเทศสหรัฐอเมริกา ****

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Any Westerners Looking to Learn About Buddhism
At Wat Dallas we have a Buddhist Discussion Group for Western Students in English Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM in the Main Building after Chanting and Meditation. If you are interested in Buddhism or are a practicing Buddhist.Please join us on for an open discussion on Dhamma. Please question everything and come with all your questions. If you are needing assistance in becoming a monk and wish to learn more please contact Jack Boling. Kent and Jack Boling will be leading the discussion on Buddhism. If you need personal instruction you can contact Jack Boling at 940-594-7794 or Kent at 214-690-7797

History of the Buddhist Center of Dallas


Wat Buddha Dallas, Dallas, Texas is known in English as Buddhist Center of Dallas. It is located at 8484 Stults Rd., Dallas, TX 75243. This temple was unanimously founded with contribution of Thai Buddhists in Texas and nearby states together with Buddhist monks in Thailand. Dallas is a big city with many Buddhists who are businessman, entrepreneur, including students living in the area. However, they do not have temples and monks to be their focal point of religious and peaceful of mind.

A meeting to build a temple

On January 27, 1982, there were 6 Buddhist monks from Thailand traveled to Dallas to visit their disciples and Buddhists. Then they had a discussion on building a temple here. The Buddhist monks received primary survey information and were persuaded by disciples and people who came to welcome them to build a temple in city of Dallas. Before returning to Thailand, these group of monks granted USD 700 to set up the plan. They also assigned Mr. Wirat Supavong to be in charge to providing a monk a temporary place to stay.

First Temple

We rented a house on 10335 Country Club Dr., Dallas, TX 75218 for USD 450/month. Monks who came to stay here need to have their own support at first. Then Phra Amaraphirakkhit helped find the support from time to time. We have a policy to gradually build a temple and not to put burden to our devotes. After we took the first step in finding a temporary place for a temple, there were 3 monks stay at the temple permanently on February 15, 1982.

The Opening Ceremony

On Saturday March 22, 1982, group of monks and Thai people in Dallas and nearby city held an opening ceremony for the temple. There were a group of monks from Thailand attending this ceremony also. After the opening ceremony, we formed a Board of Directors in order to register as a lawful temple under Texas law.

Monks and Buddhists have used this temporary temple to conduct religious ceremony, to make merit and offering, to meditation and practice Buddhism, and to listen to sermon. As people living in surrounding areas came to know about the temple and the monks, they visit the temple regularly. However, the monastery was located in residential area, it is no suitable to conduct certain religious activities as it's against state law. Therefore, we agreed to find a new location which is in a legal zoning area for the temple.

Second Temple

In 1983, group of monks and temple committees of Wat Buddha Dallas bought 1.3 Acre of land and building to build a new temple at 8484 Stults Rd., Dallas, TX 75243. It costs USD 175,000 with 35,000 down payments and a monthly mortgage payment. The new location is more spacious and is convenient for Buddhists to pay a visit.

The Opening Ceremony of Second Temple

On May 29, 19883, there were Buddhist monks from Thailand attending the opening ceremony. Monks and Committee at the temple have joined together with their utmost ability and devotion to manage the temple. They have built a hall and bought additional land and buildings till we have a spacious temple today.