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Any Westerners Looking to Learn About Buddhism
At Wat Dallas we have a Buddhist Discussion Group for Western Students in English Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM in the Main Building after Chanting and Meditation. If you are interested in Buddhism or are a practicing Buddhist.Please join us on for an open discussion on Dhamma. Please question everything and come with all your questions. If you are needing assistance in becoming a monk and wish to learn more please contact Jack Boling. Kent and Jack Boling will be leading the discussion on Buddhism. If you need personal instruction you can contact Jack Boling at 940-594-7794 or Kent at 214-690-7797

       buddhaBuddhism dose not obstruct anyone to read and learn the teaching of other religions. In fact the Buddha advised his followers to learn other religions and to compare his teachings with others.

       The Buddha has said  that if there are reasonable and rational teachings in other religous, hos followers are quite free to respect such teachings. Is there any this freedom in any religions ?

        There is no religious freedom in many countries today. Man has no freedom even to think freely, whenever he realises that the religion to which he belongs, is wrong or he can not obtain satisfaction from that religion. He has no liberty to

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       buddhaThe teachinhg of the Buddha had been being propagated over  two thousand of years, but it is regretable that we did not understand the Buddha's teaching correctly, and because of misdunderstanding, the wrong things often have been done.

       The Buddha's teaching and message hae their effect on all people, whether they believe in religion or not. His message is for all.

       Though the

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buddha     Buddhist followers may now be divided into two categories namely: monks and lay men  or four kinds, namely: Bhikku, Samaner, Upasaka (churchman or lay man) and Upasika (churchwoman or lay woman). There are no more Bkikkuni, Samaneri Nan Sikkhamana. Their duties do differ but they similarly have to adhere strictly            to the following  five principles:-

     1. Exercising utmost

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buddha       Buddhism emphasized realization of the fact that nothing surpasses the love of oneself. With such realiztion. Buddhism says that one should examine and judge one's own self. Any action which is for one's own benefit should be hurriedly carried out. Since each one is living in the midst of emotional and social turmoils. Important principles for guiding life to prosperity are provided by Buddhism as follow:-


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buddha      Touching on this subject, we may get the anser from the chanting in praise of the Buddha which says as follows:-

      "Showing the way to alleviate suffering as well as to gain  happiness, to Nibbana which is free from all sufferings:              And for what ?

      "For eliminating unkind heart and sinful mind of men and women. World beings can

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Buddhism in 10 minutes

Somdej Phrayanavarodom


1. Buddhism is the teaching of One who Knows: this is the aspect of his Great Wisdom (Panyakuna). Such is the One who has been awakened, who has been delivered from Defilements. This is his Great Purity (Parisuddhikuna). Thereafter he also took pains to teach others, to awaken them to the same Truth. This is his Great Compassion (Karunakuna).

2. By the term ‘One who Knows’ is meant One who has achieved the knowledge that

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