buddhaBuddhism dose not obstruct anyone to read and learn the teaching of other religions. In fact the Buddha advised his followers to learn other religions and to compare his teachings with others.

       The Buddha has said  that if there are reasonable and rational teachings in other religous, hos followers are quite free to respect such teachings. Is there any this freedom in any religions ?

        There is no religious freedom in many countries today. Man has no freedom even to think freely, whenever he realises that the religion to which he belongs, is wrong or he can not obtain satisfaction from that religion. He has no liberty to give up and to respect new religion which appeal to his mind, because leaders and his family members have taken away that free dom from him.

       Man must choose religion befitting his own conviction. One has no right to force another to accept a religion.

      Religion should not be changed because of the emotional feeling. One must think very carefully before he changes his religion.

      In some parts of the world, many people change their own religions and embrace new religions under the influence of colonial powers and foreign education.

      Religion is not a thing to bargain or to change for the material gains. Buddhism never encourages anyone to come and embrace the religions for the material gain.

      Buddha has advised many people who came to him and accept his teaching not to do so hastily and asked them to think carefully before accepting his teachings.


      From:-  Buddhism : The Religion of Wisdom by Dhammarakkhit