buddhaThe teachinhg of the Buddha had been being propagated over  two thousand of years, but it is regretable that we did not understand the Buddha's teaching correctly, and because of misdunderstanding, the wrong things often have been done.

       The Buddha's teaching and message hae their effect on all people, whether they believe in religion or not. His message is for all.

       Though the Buddha, the flowers of mankind in no more in this world, the sweet fragrance and aroma of his teachings has spread far and wide.

       During the last 25 centuries, since the appearance of the Buddha, many changes had taken place in the world. Kingdom have risen and fallen, nations have prospered and perished. The World has, however forgetton them. Buth the name of the Buddha remain unforgetten. The Buddha introduced his doctrine in order that a cultured and civilized society couldl live in harmony and in peace

       All the difficult problems of our life could be understood if we try to learn and understand his teachigs.

       The Buddha was the greatest conqueror that the world had ever seen, because he conquered the world with his weapons of love and truth. His teaching illuminates  the way by which mankind could cross from a world of unsatisfactoriness, to a new world of light, love and happiness.


      From:-  Buddhism: The Religion of Wisdom by Dhammarakkhit