buddha       Buddhism emphasized realization of the fact that nothing surpasses the love of oneself. With such realiztion. Buddhism says that one should examine and judge one's own self. Any action which is for one's own benefit should be hurriedly carried out. Since each one is living in the midst of emotional and social turmoils. Important principles for guiding life to prosperity are provided by Buddhism as follow:-

       1.  Sacca:  Truth and honesty. One is to be true to oneself, one's duty and responsibility, people concerned, supervisors, followers, society and nation; being honest to others and having sincerity to oneself and conduct oneself as firm inner foundation.

       2.  Dama:  Taming and training oneself or adjustment. One is to tame and train oneself regularly and must be able to suppress some thoughts which, if demonstrated, would become dangerous to both oneself and others.

       3.  Khanti:  Tolerance or forbearance. One is to tolerate natural abnormality and irregularity, difficulties in carrying out one's duties, physical as well as mental sufferings, brought about by either well-wisher or not.

       4.  Caga:  Liberality or generosity. One is to be kind to others and share happiness with them, thus creating a sense of friendliness.


       From:- What Buddhism gives us  by The Venerable Phra Rajadhammaniddesa (Rabaeb  Thitayano) Borvaranivesvihara Monestery. Bangkok, Thailand.